We’re making mobile better

Here at Virgin Mobile KSA, we’ve got big plans. We want to be the fairest and funnest mobile brand this Kingdom has ever seen. So how are we doing that? By putting people at the heart of everything we do, always being fair, and wowing them at every turn. And by putting 3 SIMs in every single Virgin Mobile prepaid and postpaid plan, which means people can keep all their devices online at once.

By doing all that (and way, way more!), we truly are making mobile better.

And it’s not just our plans, products and services that are making mobile better. We’re also all about inspiration. We believe there’s no better way in the world to inspire people than by giving them the chance to inspire each other. When people get together and get inspired, anything can happen.

That’s why we created the Virgin Mobile Creative Collective  – a group of amazing locals who are using the Virgin Mobile platform to share their passion for what they love – everything from music and art to food and photography. And that’s also why we’re always coming up with fresh and fun ways to engage with people all over the Kingdom.

Whether it’s huge video screens in downtown Riyadh, Virgin Mobile taxis giving rides for selfies, or via our social media channels, we’re always looking for fresh new ways to connect. So keep your eyes, ears and senses open and get ready to experience Virgin Mobile KSA!

Want to be a member? Woohoo! Head over to virginmobile.sa, book yourself a cool new Virgin Mobile number and pick the plan that’s right for you. Yes, it really is as easy as that! 

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