Green shoots growing

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. While this brave little shoot may not be an oak tree, it is a sign of Mother Nature’s amazing ability to repair, refresh and rejuvenate.

Here in the British Virgin Islands, recovery efforts from the devastating hurricanes of 2017 are still ongoing. But, while it is a long journey for everyone, there are more and more signs to be positive.

We found this green shoot growing out of the sand on the beach on Necker Island. All over the British Virgin Islands, little seeds of hope are sprouting. I mean this literally, as the land repairs itself and the lush green land slowly returns. But also metaphorically, as the wonderful local communities continue to band together to help rebuild the region.

I recently shared more information about three investments in education Virgin Unite and Unite BVI have made: supporting the rebuild of a public elementary and high school; donating Chromebooks to The Ministry of Education for every senior public high school student; and investing in a local youth empowerment project that provides opportunities and activities for young people.

Unite BVI are also launching the KickStart BVI Small Business Loan Programme. Our vision is to financially empower and support BVI entrepreneurs so that they can contribute to the region’s social, cultural, environmental and economic development. We’ll share more details soon. In the meantime, head over to Unite BVI for our latest activities, and do share any green shoots you see growing too.

I wanted to share one update from Necker Island too, where my beloved tennis courts are getting back on track. Here are the grand-kids giving it a work out and a rainbow giving it a blessing.


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