The Elders are marking their tenth anniversary by launching a global campaign, focusing on the freedoms founder Nelson Mandela devoted his life to achieving.

In this era of growing intolerance and polarisation, The Elders continue to champion and give a platform to courageous voices in civil society who assert the values of empathy, compassion and solidarity.

On July 18th the campaign, #WalkTogether, will launch with an event in Cape Town. The Elders will join loclas from a range of communities and civil society groups for a short walk in the city centre, to highlight the campaign's message: “Continue Mandela’s long walk to freedom”. 

The Elders 10th Year Anniversary

We have all come a long way in the past decade, but our long walk to freedom, following in Madiba’s footsteps, will continue.

- Graça Machel

The campaign will run for 12 months – from the tenth anniversary of the group’s founding, to the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

We’re looking forward to a year of campaigning, listening and learning so that next year, on the centenary of Madiba’s birth, ideas and lessons  can be shared that will help make a difference to people’s lives – inspiring them to work for change in their own communities.

Virgin Unite, The Elders, Walk Together

Virgin Unite, The Elders, Walk Together

“As we celebrate our tenth anniversary on Mandela Day, 18 July 2017, we will be working with civil society partners to help champion these inspirational individuals and groups, build a bright web of hope and encourage people to walk together to find what unites them, " said Graça Machel in her recent statement reflecting on the past achievements and future commitments of The Elders.

Virgin Unite, The Elders, Walk Together

Virgin Unite, The Elders, Walk Together

The Cape Town launch will feature music from South African and international artists and speakers including Elders and community leaders from around the world – and everyone is invited.

With the support of a great group of partners Virgin Unite had the privilege of incubating The Elders in 2007 & now a decade on, the Elders are celebrating their 10th anniversary and the #WalkTogether campaign. Follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook and the #WalkTogether hashtag so you don’t miss a moment.